The Big South African Hair Book
Authored by journalist and entrepreneur, Janine Jellars, The Big South African Hair Book is a practical haircare guide for SA’s natural hair community.
It acknowledges that black identity and black culture are directly linked to hair, and that hair is, indeed, political, but with her conversational tone and relatable story-telling, Jellars shares personal experiences, tips, and tricks that subsequently provide non-prescriptive insights.
Published by NB Publishers and illustrated by Thandiwe Tshabalala (portraits) and myself (products), The Big South African Hair Book is a first-of-its-kind on South African shelves, dismantling decades of hair misconceptions, detangling untruths and, ultimately, celebrating natural hair.
Soft cover
AUTHOR Janine Jellars

ILLUSTRATOR/S Thandiwe Tshabalala (portraits), Wilna Combrinck (products)

ISBN 978-0-7957-0966-1 
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