Butter & Love
Anna Carolina Alberts is a master chef, a monthly contributor to Pick n Pay’s Fresh Living magazine, a food stylist for various television shows, and a proudly Afrikaans farm girl.
A culmination of Alberts’ multidisciplinary culinary tutelage and experience, her award-winning cookbook, Butter & Love is an Afrikaans publication – written in English – celebrating Afrikaner culture through her favourite food and personal accounts that transport readers to life on the farm and, most importantly, her childhood kitchen.
Delectably styled by Alberts and photographed by Craig Fraser, judging a book by its welcoming cover has never been more recommended.
Butter & Love was awarded ‘Best in the world’ in the Television category at the 2017 Gourmand World Cookbook Awards
Soft cover with large flaps
One-colour plate switch for dual language print
AUTHOR Anna Carolina Alberts
STYLING Anna Carolina Alberts 
ISBN 978-1-928209-92-8 (English)/978-1-928209-96-6 (Afrikaans)
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